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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coconut Honey

One can buy imported honey here, it usually comes from USA and it's expensive, of course.  However, other honey can also be bought, in Max's vegetable and grocery store (Max always manages to find pretty young girls to serve in his store, I don't know how he does it; his wife works there, and she's beautiful, too.)  This honey comes in bottles recycled from their original Rum contents, is about one third the price of the imported product, is very sweet and thick and has a woody flavour, quite unlike the usual clover or heather flavours.  Much of it - perhaps all of it - is from wild bees, harvested by intrepid local men willing to climb into the heights of the forest trees here and rob the bees up there.  I have seen and heard these bees, but certainly wouldn't dare to try to take their honey!  As there are many thousands of coconut palms around here, the honey is sure to come largely from them.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I awoke around one o'clock (I don't sleep so well these days) with the melody of "Down by the Salley Gardens" running through my mind.  Although I am familiar with the poem, for some reason I had substituted "Carrie River" for Salley Gardens, and I had to get out of bed, plug in the modem and check on it online.

"She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs ..."

Yes, that's good advice. And it's a good simile - grass growing on a weir is in a precarious position, any time the river might rise and wash it off.

There are several versions on YouTube.  Many, actually; but they almost all spoil the song by adding piano accompaniment or other extra stuff.  I like it just plain, voice only, no frills, in its simplest pentatonic form.  So I felt compelled to sing it myself - quietly, so as not to wake Rose or the neighbours.  Claude was still awake, I think, he's a night bird.

Irish music has a haunting quality, especially when the pentatonic scale is used.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Back online, no damage

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the comments, prayers, good wishes and posts in various places about the typhoon in Philippines.  We are back online today for the first time since that event and I'll post something more substantial in a day or two.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Since I am socially inept, I took an online test for Aspergers syndrome a couple of weeks ago. I tested quite positive for this. I test high on IQ tests too, by the way.

Although giving a  mental condition a name doesn't really explain it, and may in fact give a misleading impression, still it's quite interesting.  When I make a comment on someone's post, or in a live conversation, it usually falls flat because the points I pick out are those that most people don't find interesting; conversely, what interests most other commenters and probably the original poster too, are not that interesting to me.  In real life, if I happen to be one of a group having a discussion, I may make a comment and it is either ignored or the conversation will stop while others look at me for an explanation as to why I should make an apparently irrelevant remark.  But to me, what I said was very relevant and perhaps even more so than most of the rest of the conversation (although it is true that I often try to lead the conversation in a direction that is more interesting to me - kind of going off at a tangent.)  It's quite puzzling really, and leaves me somewhat isolated.  I'm used to it, as I have had this experience so often.

I got interested in this through reading "Mick and Lynda's Place" a couple of months ago, then coming across a blog written by a man who laboured under the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome, much more so than me.

Friday, November 01, 2013

The fox guarding the henhouse?

Seems Edward Snowden has a job in Russia - protecting data for a social website.  I'm pleased to hear this.  I applaud his actions in exposing NSA surveillance, since my early youth I have been a fan of Russia and Russian culture (though not of the Soviet Union), my favourite literature is Russian literature, I love the euphonious language and regard Putin as a very sensible man - especially since he allowed Snowden to stay in Russia and even more so when he suggested disarming the chemical weapons of Assad.  I guess the US never thought of suggesting that because the American reaction is usually one of violent military retaliation to anything it doesn't like.

Admittedly, Assad probably felt forced to agree because Russia is his friend and protector, and if US had suggested it his reaction might have been different. I guess Assad might have felt his chemical weapons were more  of a hazard than an asset, seeing as how they had already been used and no-one is quite sure who used them.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Does the Past exist? Can it be changed?

Does the past exist?

Thinking about this carefully, it seems to me that only the present exists.  Certainly, traces of past events exist now, but now is the present moment, not the past.

To consider something we are looking at, what we perceive "now" depends on how far we are from the object we see.  Should we measure "now" as being our subjective sense?  Imagine we are looking at our home through a gigantic telescope situated a light year from Earth.  What is "now"? Our subjective sense, or something to be found only on the surface of the Earth itself?  And, I cannot see how we can link two places far apart with any one time moment, since we cannot find any way to coordinate the time between the two places.

So the whole idea of "now" is problematic.  I have not researched current philosophical notions relating to "now",obviously there might be some simple explanation.

There is another matter which interests me in this field of time: can the "past" be changed?  If Vadim Zeland's notion of the Space of Variations has any truth in it, it would seem possible.  It may also be useful to look at Richard Bartlett's "Matrix Energetics."  If the "past" does not exist, it's hard to see just what would be meant by changing it; but if it exists in some other universe, perhaps it is possible.  Changing the past is a pretty exciting idea.


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