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Monday, October 28, 2013

Does the Past exist? Can it be changed?

Does the past exist?

Thinking about this carefully, it seems to me that only the present exists.  Certainly, traces of past events exist now, but now is the present moment, not the past.

To consider something we are looking at, what we perceive "now" depends on how far we are from the object we see.  Should we measure "now" as being our subjective sense?  Imagine we are looking at our home through a gigantic telescope situated a light year from Earth.  What is "now"? Our subjective sense, or something to be found only on the surface of the Earth itself?  And, I cannot see how we can link two places far apart with any one time moment, since we cannot find any way to coordinate the time between the two places.

So the whole idea of "now" is problematic.  I have not researched current philosophical notions relating to "now",obviously there might be some simple explanation.

There is another matter which interests me in this field of time: can the "past" be changed?  If Vadim Zeland's notion of the Space of Variations has any truth in it, it would seem possible.  It may also be useful to look at Richard Bartlett's "Matrix Energetics."  If the "past" does not exist, it's hard to see just what would be meant by changing it; but if it exists in some other universe, perhaps it is possible.  Changing the past is a pretty exciting idea.

Friday, October 18, 2013

More about free will and stuff.

This post is just clarification of the previous one, after reading mouse's comment.  I have to admit now that I used the word "God" partly intentionally to provoke and partly because it is short to type. For me, "God" does not mean some superior separate  being, arbitrarily visiting humanity with rewards and punishments; the standard "Christian" version of a loving, all-powerful, omniscient Being who sometimes apparently "answers" petitions and most of the time apparently does not, makes no sense to me. I could better use the word "Consciousness" or "Totality." The Tao.

Now by "accept" I do not mean lie back and do nothing. If you see something that needs to be done, of course then do it if you can. Before reading mouse's comment, I had never heard of Clara Barton, but from what I have read today I think she is an excellent example of what I mean: she saw what needed to be done and did it. If a clever person wants to invent a new gadget or system, he should go ahead and use his talents. Design a railway, an aircraft, an internet, a blogging service so you and I can exchange thoughts and be grateful for the work. By that word, accept, I mean don't waste time and energy wishing things were different now, but make plans and take action to make future moments more in line with how you want them. If you have toothache, arrange a dental appointment and don't regret your neglect, just accept it. You have neglected your teeth, accept that and start taking care of them. The present moment is already happening before we can do anything about it, just act as appropriate for your situation and avoid regret over the past and worry over the future.

I say all this, but do we really have any choice over what we do? Many say NO, there is no free will, and I am inclined to agree with that, because, after all, there is no way you can show that anything you have done you could have done differently at that time you did it. You can assert that, and you probably will, but you cannot demonstrate it, so it is likely you had no choice in the matter.  Neither can you show that you have any choice over what you are about to do in the next few minutes.  

I have to admit I think this way partly because my natural inclination is to regard with suspicion anything that is accepted by the great majority.  Almost everyone thinks he has the power to choose one course of action over another, but there is no evidence for that assumption and I doubt it.  Pretty well the whole of our society is based on commending or blaming people for the "choices" they have made, but I don't believe people do make choices. Behaviour is entirely automatic.  So if you are a worrier, you are going to worry!

Some time ago, I published a post querying whether life mattered.  I meant, should we agonise over what choices we, or other people, have made or are about to make?  Is it important?  If there is no free will, the whole question is irrelevant.  One follower of my blog, well known and loved in this particular blogging community, became so indignant at this post that she promptly unfollowed me!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Life presents problems because we fight life, we don't accept what-is in the present moment. We want to become something other than what we are. We want something other than what we now have.” Ramesh Balsekar 

Here's my take: Everything that happens must be God’s will. It cannot be otherwise; if this were not true, there would be no God worthy of the name. It follows that wishing life was other than what it is is simply creating a problem for yourself. Good and bad, right and wrong are man-made judgments, and a matter of conditioning. Life happens and our attempts to influence it are nothing more than part of that happening.

Monday, October 07, 2013

The Predicament of the Faithful

A man found himself in the unenviable position of hanging by his fingers on the side of a cliff. After a few moments he shouted, "Is there anyone up there? I need help!" He heard a voice that said, "Yes. I'm here." The man shouted again,"Who are you?" The voice replied, "I am God. I'll help you. Do exactly as I say." The man was relieved and said, "OK, I'll do whatever you say." God said, "Just let go, you'll be safe." After a pause the man shouted, "Is there anyone else up there?"

Ramesh S. Balsekar. Consciousness Speaks: Conversations with Ramesh S. Balsekar . Kindle Edition.


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