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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A tribute to my wife


I love my little fat slut ...
  • when she laughs deliciously and shows that she likes it when I call her “my little fat slut”

  • when she is feeding the fishes in the pond, squatting down with her flimsy shorts stretched tight, looking carefully, observing closely, making comments

  • when she is lying on the bed reading, supporting herself on her elbows, legs slightly apart ... looks up and smiles ...

  • when she is asleep, breathing softly

  • when she is sweeping the floor

  • when she is cooking and singing to herself

  • when she is riding in the tricycle and smiling

  • when she is sitting beside me in a public tricycle (they are small and there is not enough space for two really) and I feel her body touching mine, and she puts her hand on my thigh

  • when she runs past me to open the gate for me so I don't have to get off my bicycle.

  • when she is dressed up in her flashy blouse decorated with big sequins, close-fitting pants, dangly ear-rings and necklace

  • when she is lying naked on her back, throwing her head back, lifting her cunt with muscular surges while I finger it, and rolling her widely parted legs spasmodically from side to side

  • when she is lying on her front, lifting her fat little arse and twitching her legs and feet, while I ...etc

  • when she is reading a book, sitting in a small chair and leaning back a little, holding the book rather far away

  • when she is kneeling on the bedroom floor with books and papers all around, sorting out the accounts in the many savings bank books she keeps for other people who trust her to look after their money

  • when she willingly and without demur lies over the table to receive a whipping, and gasps at each stroke

  • and then afterwards is loving and caressing

  • when she thinks of important things I have forgotten to take into consideration

  • when she is vainly trying (at my behest) to get into her college uniform skirt which is four inches too small round the waist

  • when she comes up behind me suddenly and puts her arms around me, her face touching my cheek and says “Thank you for ...” (a trivial thing I have done; or something I made for the evening meal.)

  • when she runs to me suddenly and puts her arms around me for no known reason

  • when she rests her leg over mine while we are sitting outside by the fish pond with drinks, watching the fish and talking desultorily

  • when neither of us can control the impulse to giggle while playing the game of Evil Headmaster and Naughty Student, thus deflating the drama

  • when she fills the buckets for flushing the toilet from the pump before going to bed, going out naked into the back porch in the darkness, disregarding the possibility of being seen by passers-by, themselves unseen

  • when she gets up at 5:30 to cook the rice for our son's school lunch

  • when she reports that other men have expressed a desire for her favours

  • when she takes all her clothes off to get into bed with me

  • when she is dressed in a thong and close-fitting pants of soft cloth that follow her sweet curves

  • when she walks with that slightly awkward twitch that's not graceful

  • when she stands beside me and puts her hands on me down there, one in front and one behind

  • when she rubs her arse against me and titters if I come up close behind her and press my body against hers

  • when she devotedly visits her old father across the town, most days

  • when she moves my hand to the place she likes it to be

  • when she calls me handsome just because I have tucked my shirt into my shorts and put on a belt.

  • when she treats her friends and family with EFT (tapping), usually successfully, when they have ailments and accidents

  • when she comes up to me and asks me how I would like the fish cooked

  • when she spends the greater part of a day at the washing machine getting the clothes very clean

  • when she walks about the house with no clothes on

  • when she tends her hundreds of plants

  • when she is gabbling nineteen to the dozen into the telephone without stopping for ten minutes on end and I don't understand a single word of it

  • when she takes notice of my wishes about how she should dress

  • when she listens carefully to me while I am recounting some event or situation and makes herself interested in it, even though others might – probably would – think it was boring or irrelevant

  • when she acts considerately and helpfully towards her family and friends, while all the time she supports me, finds joy in fulfilling all my desires and wishes and helps me to feel good.


  1. Bravo, Malcolm :-)

    I love this. I'm glad you decided to post it.



  2. Very touching Malcolm... Your wife sounds very warm and tender.


  3. Very nice blog post malcolm...

  4. Thank you Storm, C, Padme. Rose liked this, too.

  5. That is so sweet! What a lovely description of your wife and your life


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