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Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Life presents problems because we fight life, we don't accept what-is in the present moment. We want to become something other than what we are. We want something other than what we now have.” Ramesh Balsekar 

Here's my take: Everything that happens must be God’s will. It cannot be otherwise; if this were not true, there would be no God worthy of the name. It follows that wishing life was other than what it is is simply creating a problem for yourself. Good and bad, right and wrong are man-made judgments, and a matter of conditioning. Life happens and our attempts to influence it are nothing more than part of that happening.


  1. Interesting thought Sir.

    Not sure if mouse agrees with that. Some of the things we perceive has problems aren't really, they are more just inconveniences. Keeping us momentarily from doing what we want.

    Life does just happen, but mouse isn't sure about the whole god's will part.

    We should, of course, be content with what life gives us. Some struggle more with wanting or thinking they need more of whatever (it's usually money). It's the same even if you take god out of the picture completely.

    Really conditioning might have a bit more to do with our nature as humans, it's part of our evolution. We are social, from the time we realized there was safety in numbers and began to form communities. When we stopped hunting and gathering and stayed more or less in one place, domesticating animals and farming soon followed.

    Rules followed....because we must have a code of conduct. Things like theft and murder should be frowned upon in a society.

    The idea of gods was a way to explain what then wasn't understood. If a volcano erupted, the people perceived it as an angry god. They had done something wrong and they were to blame for angering it.

    Those feelings exist today, the guilt, the idea that you brought on your pain.

    If your quoted text were completely true, we should just accept things as they are, we wouldn't have the technology we do today. Because there were people before us who thought things were hard, it would be easier if we had electricity or assembly lines. That total dissatisfaction drove the changes.

    Clara Barton is a prime example, she couldn't accept that this was just the way things had been done...Disease happens and we can't stop it? No, she saved countless lives on both sides of the war by making changes -- changes that seem so obviously common sense today but somehow weren't believed to be important. Like hand washing with soap.

    A bit worried about leaving this comment -- because it's not mouse's intent to seem difficult. This is a topic that's interesting to her and her perspective or take on things is vastly different and she hopes that you're not offended by it. To mouse it's just a discussion, but to some could be taken a debate or dismissal. That is not the intent.

    If you are offended please just say so.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, mouse. I have to admit now that I used the word "God" partly intentionally to provoke and partly because it is short to type. For me, "God" does not mean some superior being, arbitrarily visiting humanity with rewards and punishments; the standard "Christian" version of a loving, all-powerful, omniscient Being who sometimes "answers" petitions and most of the time does not, makes no sense to me. I could better use the word "Consciousness" or "Totality." The Tao.

      Now by "accept" I do not mean lie back and do nothing. If you see something that needs to be done, of course then do it if you can. Before reading your comment, I had never heard of Clara Barton, but from what I have read today I think she is an excellent example of what I mean: she saw what needed to be done and did it. If a clever person wants to invent a new gadget or system, of course he should go ahead and use his talents. Design a railway, an aircraft, an internet, a blogging service so you and I can exchange thoughts and be grateful for the work. By that word, accept, I mean don't waste time and energy wishing things were different now, but make plans to make future moments more in line with how you want them. If you have toothache, arrange a dental appointment and don't regret your neglect, just accept it. You have neglected your teeth, accept that and start taking care of them. The present moment has already happened before we can do anything about it, just act as appropriate for your situation and avoid regret over the past and worry over the future.

      I say all this, but do we really have any choice over what we do? Many say NO, there is no free will, and I am inclined to agree with that, because, after all, there is no way you can show that anything you have done you could have done differently at that time you did it. And I have to admit it's partly because my natural inclination is to regard with suspicion anything that is accepted by the great majority! Almost everyone, probably including you, mouse, thinks they have the power to choose one course of action over another, but I doubt that.

  2. All very thought provoking I as a recovering alcoholic with myriad other issues am a living example that we have free will and can influence / change our present and our future. Love mouse and Malcolms thoughts, intellect and style but wanted to share my story :) I choose to stay sane and sober everyday, I chose to break cycles going back generations, I choose to live alone and have raised two wonderful children alone. I choose success over failure. I choose to love my own company over loneliness. Its not easy I cry. I fail and Malcolms pt that we cannot look back / regret but must act on correcting the problem resonated strongly with me and taught me something. Thank-you both for sharing your wisdom, love and sometimes angst on your blogs I thorouughly enjoy reading them even though I'm vanilla lol

    1. Charmaine, thanks for your kind words. You are a living example of those who ASSERT that they have a power of choice, but nowhere do they actually DEMONSTRATE it, and that's because as far as I can see there is no way to demonstrate it; and THAT is probably because it isn't true. As for changing the present, I cannot agree with you; the present is here NOW and it's too late to change it, free will or no; perhaps you can change the immediate future, but you haven't convinced me by any form of demonstration.

      I admit this line of argument is purely from circumstantial evidence, and a criminal jury should not convict; all the same if someone says something but cannot back it up by showing, it can be doubted.

      This of course does not preclude me from offering congratulations for recovering from your former addiction. I'm glad to hear your life is much better because of your (apparent) choice of staying sober every day! Free will or no free will, we still have the usual reactions to folks' joys and woes.

      How old are your children now, Charmaine? Have they fled the nest?


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