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Friday, August 12, 2005


searabbit tagged me for five of them.

1. I dislike the radio, or any music, playing most of the time. This was the cause of a colleague leaving the firm I worked for: when my turn came to decide what should play on the radio, I turned it off. He went and never came back.

2. I talk to my dogs. They don't understand the words, but they receive the accompanying feelings. They are only mongrels, but to me they are wonderful creatures.

3. The older I get, the younger are the women that attract me. There are some really pretty girls around here!

4. I like cooking Chinese food (I was born in China but left there before I was two.)

5. I dislike social gatherings. I was on board ship at my second birthday, and a party was organised for me. I wouldn't go to it, and lay on the floor kicking and screaming. I've been like that ever since! Thoroughly unsociable.


  1. I talk to my dog all the time too. I actually just read an article that said dogs have the IQ equivalent to a 2 year old child and that they can understand a vocabulary of around 200 words. So you are actually supposed to introduce new words periodically to your dogs to keep their brains active! Sounded reasonable to me because my dog understands the "normal" commands but also understands left, right, back, I love you, béseme (kiss me in Spanish) and a multitude of other words.

    So keep talking to the dogs, Malcolm! They really are wonderful animals, I agree.

  2. I'm impressed with your dog's vocabulary, Storm, I haven't taken advantage of the possibilities of my dogs, I know. It has to be said that my dogs are not among the most intelligent of the species. I've never taught them to obey commands, I don't have the persistence required, so they are wild and undisciplined.

  3. Oh Malcolm, no music? That actually surprised me. I picture you on your computer with some nice opera playing in the background!

    I have to have my music. I can and do live quite happily without watching TV, but there has to be music. Soothes the wild brat you know. WEG

    I talk to my dog too. Hubby calls him "dumbass" but he is way smarter than he wants us to know. I have no doubt he understands. Just ask him if he wants to take a bath and see how fast he runs!

  4. I love music, have a piano and play it, but I know nothing of modern music, pop or "serious". I have a library of CDs but they are almost all classical. When I want to listen I put on something like Lara St. John's performances of Bach's violin concertos, turn it up quite loud and really listen. Boy, can she play! She just about turns the sedate world of classical music upside down. Young, tall and pretty, too. I never use music as background, if music is playing I cannot concentrate on anything else. Yes I'm a classics fan, whether literature or music.

    I have made several harpsichords, too, as you'll see if you click that link. The music of Domenico Scarlatti played on a good harpsichord is so original and vibrant.

  5. WOW Malcolm! You are such a talented man. You are forever surprising me. The harpsichords are just beautiful. I wish I could play a piano. That's something I've always wanted to do.

    I had you pegged for a classical man. I get points for that right? :)

  6. :)I don't work well while listening to music myself...

    and you and I are alike in one other way...I've always been more attractive to older men, and as I get older...I find I am attracted to men even older still...

    *hugs* oh I tried the puzzle...only had a couple minutes, I will be back...always up for a challenge!

  7. I think by far my favourite pianist is Chopin!

    I play a little piano. My daughter Z plays the piano, violin and flute. I too share your enthusiasm for classical music!

    I can also completely understand how listening to music can disable you from engaging in anything else!



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