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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some inspiring healing stories

Quantum Touch is a very interesting and effective healing modality. Here are some inspiring stories from the latest newsletter:

4. Disappearing Cancer and the Use of QT

Wendy Slatters lives in Perth, Western Australia. She is 69 years of age and has had cancer for 8 years. Wendy was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer and after extensive treatment that was unsuccessful was given a very poor prognosis of 3 to 6 months maximum. Being a very determined person she embarked on a variety of natural therapies over the 8 year period but eventually was worn down by the pain and physical exhaustion and began to prepare herself for the inevitable.

The day Wendy came to see me she had difficulty walking from her car to my door, a distance of 25 feet. At that time I had been doing healing work for over 25 years with mixed results. As the universe would have it, I had just completed a second live QT workshop.

Wendy's condition was cancer in the pelvis, some ribs, both lungs, both upper arms, coccyx, thickening of the pleura, liver and in one shoulder ( humeroclavicular joint ) plus other minor lesions and a blood count of 1400. All of this was accompanied by severe pain which stopped her from sleeping, because of pelvic and shoulder pain. Her biggest dread was lying on the hard table having her CT scan every 8 weeks and crying in pain for the whole 1 hour.

Wendy has now had 10 sessions of QT and after the first 4 sessions most of the pain left her body. Her blood count started to drop and her appetite increased. The QT sessions were aimed at her endocrine glands to boost her immune system and then to the organs. Her blood count now is of no interest to the Oncologist as it is normal. The report she showed me today, 23rd August 2005, stated the following: “No new lesions to be found in her body. Cancer in her arms and one shoulder has gone. Her left lung shows no lesions. Left side pleura thickening
has decreased markedly. Her breathing has improved to where she walks for 40 minutes every morning without becoming breathless.”

Wendy is enjoying walking and shopping with her friends, having lunch and now seeing life is good. Thanks to Quantum touch and the energy of Richard Gordon spreading the word, Wendy has her life back.

All of the above can be verified by doctors’ reports and is given with Wendy's full permission.

Barry & Ruth Elwin-Jones
Herne Hill, Western Australia

5. A Birthday Gift of Healing

I must tell you about a client I saw today. It was her birthday and her friend gave her a full massage voucher as a present. When she arrived I asked her to lay face down on the couch and started on her legs. When I got to her lower back, I noticed that her hips appeared to be rather out of alignment. I said that at the end of the massage, I would like to have her stand at the end of the bed so that I could measure her hips and see the extent of the misalignment.

Well, I could not believe it; they were out by about three inches. Her right hip was much higher than her left. I thought to myself - this would be a challenge. Anyway I put my hands on her hips and started to run energy. Within a few seconds her right hip started to move down, I could see my hand moving but I was hardly touching her. She commented that she could indeed feel something moving on her right side and then said that there was a slight pain running down
her thigh. I started to chase the pain and it went from the thigh to the knee and eventually to her foot. The pain subsided and I went to measure her hips again and yes, they had aligned. Both hips were perfectly even. Wow this was amazing. I have had people who had hips out by about an inch at the most but this was well out and just leveled up so easily. I then looked at her occipital ridge and that was out a little on the right again, so just ran the energy and again within a few seconds it popped and was back in line. The client was most impressed.

Jane MacKinnon
Christchurch, New Zealand
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

6. An Engineer’s First Experience Using Quantum-Touch

I just want to share the story of my first experience with Quantum Touch.

I got the Quantum Touch book last fall. I had only had the book a few days and had read only the first few chapters when a co-worker came by my work station. It was obvious she was in great pain, moving very slowly, very stiffly, very unlike this athletic young woman. My hands went crazy, tingling so much I actually sat on them to try to get them to stop as I talked with her. Finally I could stand it no more and asked if she was in as much pain as she appeared to be
and what had happened.

Two days prior she had had a horse back riding accident and had wrenched her back and right shoulder. Her right shoulder was causing her the most pain. Taking a deep breath, I told her about QT and asked if she would like me to try to help. Keep in mind that we are both engineers, and engineers just don't do these kinds of things as a general rule. But it turned out her brother is a practitioner in a similar modality as well as a chiropractor, so she was willing to
give it a go. I explained that I had never done this, and only had 5 minutes before I had a meeting.

So there, in front of my very open cubicle, I placed my hands on the spot she identified on her right shoulder and started running energy. After only a minute or so, she reported that her right arm was feeling "weird", relaxed. A minute or so after that, the muscles under my hands started twitching and a few seconds later we heard crunching noises from her shoulder. She almost immediately pulled away, saying that she was going to let that settle in and asking if I
"heard that". I said yes, I heard it but that she wasn't done. She repeated that she was going to let that settle in but that the pain was gone, and with that she scurried back down the hall. I should point out that when she came to my desk she walked over slowly and stiffly.

We did not speak of it for several weeks. Both of us, being engineers, were probably a bit embarrassed about it. But I saw her right before Thanksgiving and asked about her shoulder. Rubbing her left shoulder, she said that it was still bothering her, and that she was planning on having her brother work on it over Thanksgiving. I responded that we had worked on her right shoulder and her face blossomed into a look of amazement as she exclaimed, "Oh, that's right!
You know I forgot all about that - it was my right shoulder wasn't it!!"

I guess the pain had not come back! Since then, I have noticed the tingling hands whenever I see anyone who looks to be in pain. Most have been complete strangers in very public places so I have not yet developed the confidence or the courage to ask them if I can help - but I will get to that!

Janet McSwain
New York

7. Carpet Installer Gets a Double Dose of Healing Energy

I had been working with an adolescent in my counseling practice and he was very interested in Quantum Touch to the point of borrowing a QT book and taking it home to read. After our next session he asked if I would work on his dad because his dad had constant pain in his right shoulder from years of carrying rolls of carpet.

His father stated that he was willing to do anything to alleviate the pain in his shoulder, and nothing he had tried in the past couple of years gave him any relief except heavy duty pain killers and he did not like the side effects from that medication. About 15 minutes after running energy into his shoulder the father reported that the pain had lessened over 50 percent, but now his left leg was hurting in the thigh area.

I continued to work on the shoulder and explained to him that I would move to the leg area soon. After another 15 minutes of running energy on the shoulder the pain in both areas stopped completely!!! The father said that he realized that after 20 years of carrying carpet on his right shoulder, his left leg had been compensating for all that weight. He said that he had always felt pain in his leg, but that it was minor compared to the pain in his shoulder, but now
both pains were relieved in about a half hour.

Bryce Roekle
Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor and Practitioner
Bellaire, MI

8. Distance Healing with Quantum-Touch

The more that I practice Quantum-Touch, the more I am in awe that there seems to be very little difference in effectiveness whether I am treating a client in person or at a distance. A couple of months ago, you posted my story of treating a woman in person who had such severe sciatica that she was in tears with the pain and could barely walk. When I saw her, I asked her what the intensity of the pain was from 0 to 10, she said, "a thousand!" After I ran energy for an hour into the sciatic nerve and following the pain, she announced that the pain had gone to less than one on the S.U.D. scale. By the next morning she was completely pain free.

Well, shortly after you published that story in the Q-T newsletter, she called me on the telephone and asked if I could do anything for her adult daughter, who was experiencing sciatica down her right leg. The mother was living with her daughter thousands of miles away from where I was at the time, so I asked her to get her daughter's permission for me to run energy to her, and also to find out at what number her daughter would rate the pain. A couple of minutes later, I got a call back from the mother, who said, "She says to please do it, and the pain is at an 8, and it really hurts down her whole leg when she moves or stands!"

"Let her know I'll begin running energy in five minutes," I said ( I find that telling a client when I am going to work on them is very useful as they become conscious co-participants in the process). I did "distant" healing for 30 minutes, focusing running energy into her daughter's right buttock and leg. Then I called back the mother to see how her daughter was. "My daughter said that right after you started running energy, she got very, very relaxed, almost like a deep state of meditation. She says that all the pain is gone, and there is only the slightest soreness at the point that hurt the most. It was amazing!" (By the next morning, the soreness had completely cleared up).

One other aspect of my application of Quantum-Touch that really works is something that Richard pointed to in a recent article about how his teacher worked. While I put my hands on that part of the body where the client says they have a problem, I never work on the problem. I see the person as whole and perfect and hold that frequency of love as their body aligns with it.

It is very clear to me that Quantum-Touch is perfectly named. The effects clearly take place at the level where the illusion of distance doesn't apply, all is interconnected, and healing can be instantaneous! Thank you for providing the gift of Quantum-Touch, so that we can contribute it to others!

With love and appreciation,

Hal Isen, CHT
Washington, D.C

9. Client’s Dog Feels Quantum-Touch Energy

About 15 minutes after I had started to run energy during a remote session into Linda, a client of mine, she interrupted my breathing. She told me, that something completely unusual has happened. Linda had rescued her dog, Bobbie, about a year ago from a bad place. Bobbie is suffering from a severe trauma, which occurred when she was very young. She had been left alone in dramatic moment. She carries still a lot of fears, which she had not been able to overcome. She is frantic and crazy and always in motion.

Bobbie lay quietly for some time beside Linda and seemed to be very comfortable. Linda said, she has never experienced this before and she asked if I had any explanation for that. I told her, that the dog is feeling the healing energy and that she would like to be part of it. I could feel that the dog had still fears of being left alone. I run softy energy into the dog’s heart for a few
minutes, which calmed her down even more. Since then, the dog seems to be calmer and more balanced, happier and much more loving. Linda loves to be around her, because her energy is now soft and gentle. What a big change and a wonderful healing in just a few minutes. I am so grateful for this experience.

Adelheid Reinhardt-Hanson
Fountain Hills, AZ
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

10. Quantum-Touch and Endometriosis

I just wanted to share my story about endometriosis. I was introduced to Quantum Touch in October 2004, and started working on my endometriosis. I had noticed a 70% improvement, and the medication I was taking had dropped in 1/2. This was a great improvement, as I had considered having a hysterectomy done and really wasn't wanting to.

A 70% improvement was good but I wanted to be free of it. I took the Core Transformation course that Alain taught in Toronto, and I am pleased to say that 3 months later I am pain free. I am also amazed by the amount of emotional issues that are attached to our physical conditions. We create many of these issues ourselves and healing the physical body really is intertwined with our emotional and spiritual bodies. I have my life back, thanks to QT.

Cheryl Brown
Gananoque, On
Posted to the QT Message Board

11. Heavy Smoker Finally Quits After Using QT

Thank you all QT'ers!!!! After 12 years of heavy smoking, I quit cold turkey 3 weeks ago. I never thought I had it in me until I started QT, and then it just happened. Thank you all! Thank you!

Love and peace
Posted to the QT Message Board

12. Never Underestimate the Power of Quantum-Touch

I frequently tell my students never to underestimate the power of Quantum-Touch and that the only limits it has is that which you give it. Well, I recently had a client present himself with a multiplicity of symptoms, but I kept 'feeling' his right ankle. After inquiring, he told me that nothing could be done with that ankle. He had fractured it 25 years earlier and never had any rehab, and it had fused into its current position. I'm always up for a challenge and was
curious as to what might happen.

Understanding the anatomy of the ankle, I combined the slope breath with amplified resonance and had a bit of a talk with this ankle. Surprise, surprise....the ankle regained some flexion and rotation to our amazement. Every cell knows the perfection in which it was made, and its function. Sometimes it just needs a little jump start for it to remember. With each successive session, he has increased the range of motion to his "fused" ankle.

Joanne Boyer
Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor and Practitioner
New Hope, PA

13. Helping Geese with Quantum-Touch

I just want to share a very interesting experience I am having with a Canadian goose juvenile. On our property we have two ponds and this year a goose and his two females (that is right two, not just one) nested here. We ended up with four babies that survived. They are now juveniles, almost as big as their parents with permanent feathers and all. I thought they had gotten large enough that there wouldn't be any more predation on them, but I was wrong.

A few days ago I was watching the geese eat in our backyard. They have become so comfortable that they come right up to the back door. When one of the smaller juveniles came into view he had a horrible injury to his neck. All the feathers were gone and when he ate food was falling out of a hole in the front. I was so sad, because I figured this guy was a goner. I called an animal rescue league with no success and then remembered that I could do Quantum-Touch on him. So, later in the afternoon, when my schedule had cleared up (I work out of the house), I sat down and did about an hour session on him.

The next day he was in the field with the other geese and seemed to be somewhat better. I didn't get a close look, as they were far out in the field. The following day I didn't see any of the geese all day. I feared the worse. However, yesterday morning when I was just about to sit down to meditate I heard a honk. Now this was very unusual because the geese have not honked once since they've had their babies. After several honks I decided I was being paged. When I got there I saw only six geese and my heart sank. I went outside and followed the
geese. They waddled down to the pond and began swimming. I didn't see the other goose, but felt I needed to go back to the house, get dressed as I was still in my nightgown, and really look for the goose. I thought maybe he needed my help. I went and changed and grabbed my camera and started on a trek around the property. I went over to the other side of the ponds, because I had seen them swim toward that area a number of times. I didn't see the geese at all, so I gave up the search and began taking a few pictures.

I was on my way back when I caught movement in the water. I looked out and there were the geese, all seven of them! The goose that had been injured looked so much better. The damaged feathers were molting off and new ones were growing in all along the area that had been stripped. I was elated.

I think the goose came up to get me to follow him so I wouldn't worry about the other goose, and in a way to thank me for the energy. Whenever I get close to them I run energy so that they know I am a safe person to be around, and where the energy came from.

I am continuing to do energy work on the goose every day and hope to see him back in the field with a totally healed neck within a few days. I'll let you know. I love to work on animals, because they can't lie. If they feel better you know it is real.

Peace & joy,
Debra Austin
Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor and Practitioner
Greensboro, NC
Posted to the QT Message Board

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