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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

To one who forgot the meaning of love

I'm one who felt that celebrating Osama's death was not something I would be happy with. "The scales of Justice" is a fiction and no one can balance them.  Maybe his death was necessary for self-defence, but I cannot see it as a happy event.

In some ways, I felt sad. Sad that people were celebrating someone's death because he was dead, not because his life was worth celebrating. Somehow, it seemed very mean-spirited and ungodly to celebrate the death of someone who had forgotten the meaning of love. Instead I wanted to send him a prayer of love to help him recover, to know that someone cared for him, that someone wanted him to turn to his God, not away from Him.


  1. A very difficult subject, Sir, and I admire you for speaking your mind on it.
    Surely there were some moments in Bin Laden's life that were redeemable--but it is by his choice that the world will remember him as they do.

    I don't think he forgot anything. One must have knowledge of love to know where to strike and hurt others the most. No...Bin Laden made choices. For those, only he is responsible.

    I am happy that he cannot mastermind more terror, but I will not celebrate his death. Not for his sake (he is, after all, dead and beyond our judgment) but rather for my own.

    To be happy at the death of another would make me no better than him.

    My prayers are for his victims, which include the ones still living: his family, his followers, the remnants of the families he destroyed via his attacks and the military that had to stop him. His victims are also the Muslims that live in peace and graciousness.

    It is a sad day in History. Justice may have been served, but it is pathetic that it had to be.

  2. It was a sobering day, not one to celebrate. I, for one, was disgusted by the reactions of so many people.

    I was sad to see a life ended, and innocent lives taken as collateral damage (the woman used as a human shield), sad to think of the life of this man, wasted on hatred and ended in violence.

    A day of sober reflection, honouring the lives lost in the September 11 attacks would have been much more appropriate to me than the pictures of Osama's severed head that have circulated the internet.

    He was a man who glorified death, and yesterday, we emulated him. A sad, sad tribute to his life of violence.

  3. Hhmmm, while I personally do not feel that "the scales of justice" are fictional, I do believe that that mankind cannot mete out justice as we see fit in order to balance those scales as we believe they should be--what one person sees as justice may be a grave injustice to another.

    And in my humble opinion? It is all to easy to become that which we abhor in the name of "justice." Because an eye for an eye really does make the whole world blind.

  4. Dannah, Steel Rose, lil: These phrases from your comments stay in my mind:

    To be happy at the death of another would make me no better than him.

    ... life ... wasted on hatred and ended in violence.

    all to easy to become that which we abhor in the name of "justice."

  5. I do not celebrate the man's death so much as I feel relief and closure. Important feelings in their own right.

    I don't always understand nastiness in others, whether it be that man himself or those who cheer his death.

    I am leery of intolerance in all forms, even when it seems that we are on the side of right. Until we have traveled "a mile" in the shoes and along the path of someone else, we cannot know what is in their hearts. For that, I am able to grant some leeway to those who are so relieved they seem happy that the murderer has finally been put to death. I don't believe in the death penalty personally, but I've also never had a loved one murdered. I hope I never do, but we'll see how peace-loving I am if that should ever happen.

    The cosmic scales of justice and love and positive energy are rich with forgiveness and live and let live-ness. I believe very much in that ideal.

    But I do not confuse that spiritual realm with the laws of civilization, which are grounded in the physical world where the literal interpretation of "an eye for an eye" is accepted. (Probably even needed.)

    I agree with you in the spiritual and cosmic sense, and I do not celebrate a death. But I believe we need laws and rules in order to maintain order and allow us all to live without fear of the chaos people like that man wish to impose upon us in order to do evil and "get their own way".

    When children behave poorly they are punished. He behaved poorly indeed, and brought consequences upon himself. I don't cheer those consequences, but I acknowledge the necessity for them.


  6. Shame same cant be said of all the atocities and murder he was involved in ,i only hope the relatives are so forgiving ,terrorism serves no one but makes people believe they have a gods given right to fight for the cause whatever cause ,murder is never NEVER anyone s right ...

  7. and I will hope that we will learn, in time, to honor the memories of those who have been lost to terror and horror, with something more than hatred and bitterness...


  8. I agree with Steel Rose.

    "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." - Martin Luther King, Jr


    Chloe's Husband

  9. hijacking your post a bit here Sir, but i am hoping that You and Your family are all well as i have not seen You post in a while.
    hugs and light

  10. I'll echo saffy's query now a month later... Are you alright, my friend? It has been a long time.



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