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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is this a record?

I happened to catch sight of my wife's yahoo mail inbox page a few days ago.  She had 30,638 - that's thirty thousand six hundred and thirty-eight - UNREAD emails in her Inbox.  There are probably more now.  If she sees me smiling, she will ask what's funny, and I tell her "thirty thousand six hundred ..." and before I can finish she will start laughing.

She's a person who finds it very difficult to throw anything away.  Sometimes I will find in odd corners of the house objects that I threw into the trash bag a while before.  Tidying the house is a very difficult task!  I can't count the pairs of old, broken and worn-out shoes I have surreptitiously bagged up and thrown out, I have to be very careful not to let her see what I am doing, if she sees me she will tell me she is going to have them repaired, but from experience I know this will never happen.

Do any of my readers have this in their lives?


  1. When we moved my mother in law out of her home of over 70 years, I was amazed at what she had saved. Some of it was wonderful to find, especially for the family genealogist (me) - old letters and papers and pictures! But we were amazed at the sheer volume of artificial flowers, old clothes, empty boxes and bags and unused (unusable) kitchen items. It was easier for us since she was moving and only had so much room in the truck! Good Luck!

  2. I suspect that it is a personality variance. I am troubled by clutter; He still mourns a pair of moccasins that He remembers from His college days. Put us together in the same "limited and finite" space, and there are bound to be struggles.

    Good luck with that!

  3. Malcolm,

    I'm the opposite of your wife. I detest clutter and twice yearly I go through everything in our home and get rid of stuff we don't use.

    I love to take everything out of a space and then I clean the area. After that I put everything from that space(closet, drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc.) in 1 of 3 groups...throw away, give away, or keep.

    As far as my e-mail, I'm a ruthless deleter, lol!


  4. Forgot to mention that some areas of our home get deep cleaned more than twice a year...for example, the fridge, and some of my children's rooms, lol!


  5. I am the one uncomfortable with clutter and accumulation of stuff, and have to tread carefully since it's The One In Charge who has minor hoarding tendencies.

    I have a friend who tells me to throw it away, Master would never miss it. I don't think she's right, so I don't get rid of His stuff. But it's a struggle for me to store things, and keep the house neat. I've even found myself just giving up sometimes, it can all be so overwhelming.

    My email box is also carefully emptied and deleted regularly, just as His is not. :)


  6. I delete emails and there is seldom more than one unread email (probably a payment receipt that I don't want to read anyway) in my inbox at the end of any day.

    What puzzles me most is how she manages to receive that many emails, and not in her spam folder either. I don't monitor her email, she can send and receive just as she feels inclined - so I have no idea who is sending these emails, which she obviously doesn't have any interest in anyway. No use asking her why she doesn't delete them, she cannot answer that question - doesn't feel the need to I guess.

    My preference is to do just what Kitty does: sort stuff into three piles - keep, trash, give. Rose was raised in a poor family, father a shoe mender and mother a teacher, with seven children to feed and educate, so in a way it's understandable; but Rose cannot shed her poverty outlook, even though we now have enough money to buy everything we actually need. Our weekly expenses amount to about $250, that buys all food, clothing, education for one son, maintenance of our house, utility bills - everything. On a pension income of about $15,000 a year presently,and with a starting capital of $30,000 twenty years ago, we have bought our lot, built our house and added to it, and lived comfortably with no financial difficulties, but Rose cannot rid herself of the feeling that any little material possession, such as a plastic bag, empty can with lid, or broken shoe, must be saved and kept in case of need.

  7. I thought my Master was bad for having over 8,000 unread emails in his inbox! I am impressed with her! :)

  8. Surely she must be getting spammed by someone. Maybe they should start a new type of Hoarders show for email collectors.



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